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Campus Services

While at the University you can enjoy a number of services directly or indirectly. Through the service departments/units we ensure that your stay at Ndejje is never regrettable. Use the links provided to learn about available services, how you can access and utilize them.


The Academic Registrar is the chief coordinator of all matters pertaining to the academic organisation of the University: examinations, research, postgraduate studies, and syllabuses. The Academic Registry oversees admissions & records, examinations as well as staff development and ceremonies. Read more

Library Services at NdejjeFinancial Services

The Finance department (commonly known as Accounts) headed by the University Bursar is responsible for all information pertaining to finances. With offices open Monday to Saturday and spread out to all campuses you can reach any near you for financial advice. Read more


Ndejje University Library comprises of the Main library at the main campus and three branches at Kampala. The library has more than 30,000 volumes of books and about 3000 periodicals, journals, magazines and other special collections. While at Ndejje you can access services including; internet & email, access to online material from renowned publishers, reference point, photocopying, and spiral binding etc. Read more

ICT Services at NDUICT Services

University ICT Services is a department at Ndejje University, which coordinates the delivery of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to the university’s various functional units according to their needs. Through the ICT service centers and computer laboratories you can be offered services including; connection to the existing wireless infrastructure, solutions to ICT related challenges, access to the LAN and ICT policies. Read more


The Ndejje University health Center has the responsibility of ensuring health and safety of staff, students, visitors, and the communities around. The department operates two health centers; the main at Ndejje Lady Irene campus easily accessible to people in Luweero district, and a branch at Kampala campus mainly for those working or studying from our Kampala campus. Read more


The chaplaincy department is a very important unit in all University activities. Ndejje University is Anglican based, but respects all traditions. The chaplaincy offers a number of services including spread of the word of God not only to Ndejje community but also to the globe, counseling and guidance, and coordination of any spiritually related activities in the University. Read more


The Department of Estates is the technical department of Ndejje University, responsible for all civil, mechanical and electrical works. This department also monitors the security and transport units on top of ensuring custody of all University property. Read more

Recreation & Sports

Recreation & Sports at Ndejje UniversityThere are number of recreation and sports activities at the University. The Department of Sports and Recreation offers welfare and sports skills services to the students through a comprehensive, dynamic and exciting Inter-Hall Sports Championships, and internal or external competitions on both local and international scenes. Read more

Counselling & Guidance

Counselling services are available to all in the Ndejje community through the Counselling Services Department under the University Health Center. Individual and family counselling is also available for students and staff members. The counseling department works closely with the chaplaincy, the Dean of Students office, and all other offices as need may arise. Read more


Ndejje University is a secure home to all the residents with a well-equipped security team which works in harmony with the Uganda Police Force and communities. The University invites Police Officers to work closely with Campus Security personnel to maintain law and order as well as man security checks at the campus and building entrances. Read more