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Affiliations and International Relations

The Affiliations programme is a collaborative partnership between local and international post-secondary and tertiary academic and training institutions and Ndejje University in various academic, sports, and professional fields. These institutions apply to Ndejje University to be mandated to recruit and train students for the award of Ndejje University Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees. The training is based on curricular approved by Ndejje University, but the training takes place at the applying partner institutions’ campus.

Since 2011, Ndejje University has partnered with institutions to train students in Early Childhood Education, Child Care, Theology, Business Administration, Development and Community Studies. Based on the success of the programmes and the enthusiasm of the institutions; more institutions have entered into this partnership. To enhance this programme, Ndejje University established an Affiliations Office under the Academic Registrar’s Office, and appointed an Assistant Academic Registrar to coordinate and support the academic and training institutions, as well as professional bodies to train students or clients for the award of Ndejje University academic certificates.