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About Ndejje University Journal

Ndejje University Journal was set up specifically to provide a platform for Ndejje University academics and students to publicise the knowledge produced in and by the university in a given academic year. As such, it is an annual publication that coincides with a given year’s graduation ceremony. This is a deliberate symbolic gesture towards the journal’s role as a mid-wife to knowledge production in the university and the country after a gestation period of an academic year. While the initial conceptualisation of the journal was to enact a platform for Ndejje University academic community to showcase its scholarly production, it currently publishes articles and essays that address Ugandan and regional critical issues from scholars and the public nationally and/or regionally. It also publishes topical articles from the public and industry. Its philosophy is to link teaching to research and theory to praxis. It intends to achieve this by availing industry and society knowledge that is produced by the university in order to improve the quality of life of Ugandans.

The journal is peer-reviewed and aims to shape theory and praxis on the research topics that students and staff of Ndejje University as well as scholars from other universities and the public are engaged. The authors are Ugandan and regional scholars who are researching and debating the region’s pressing problems in the twenty first century. The editorial board consists of regional and Ugandan scholars (see the editorial and advisory boards) who are experts in their fields of specialisation. Submissions are sought from both established and new researchers of Ndejje University and other institutions of higher learning in the region to use Ndejje University Journal as a medium to reach a wide audience.

Ndejje University Journal acknowledges that the world of knowledge production has dramatically changed since its inception in 2006. The penetration of the Internet in Uganda particularly, and Africa generally was not at the current levels when the journal was started. That in the last 10 years we have witnessed an explosion in information and communication technologies that have largely and revolutionary simplified the way faculty conduct and disseminate research output, inevitably requires changes in how knowledge is disseminated. Cognisant of this reality, the Editorial Board of Ndejje University Journal proposes a simultaneous publication in hardcopy and online in order to reach as many people as possible effective this edition.