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Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership

This is one the new programs that have been introduced, and is to start with the upcoming academic year 2015/16.
The overall objective that makes the program unique is to produce professional graduates able to stand contemporary challenges which need absolute integrity and with expertise required in the public and private sectors of the economy and in the family.


The program focuses on production of leaders who are well grounded in Biblical Theology with Christian morals and ethics that are largely absent among many leaders today.

The students will also be introduced to Christian leadership principles and management skills as well as ethical values to manage their careers appropriately.

Program areas
  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Leadership
  • Management skills
Target Group

The program targets majority of the people who aspire to become leaders in institutions like churches, schools, government civil services, high institutions of learning, NGO’s, private and government institutions.

Entry Requirements

The program will follow the university requirements for entry into any program.


The program will last for three academic years.


The program fees per semester will be Seven Hundred Fifteen Thousand Uganda Shillings (715,000) or its equivalence, in US Dollars.

Note. This excludes all functional fees.