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Congratulations from the Alumni Association

Congratulations, Graduates!

You did it! After years of hard work and dedication, you've earned your Ndejje University Degree. On behalf of the Ndejje University Alumni Association, we applaud you for reaching this important milestone.

As you now prepare to embark on the next phase of your life, know that it's not just you against the world - you are now one of Graduates of Ndejje University. To maintain your relationship with your alma mater and your fellow alumni, we encourage you to participate in the Ndejje University Alumni Association. As an active member, you will be in the inner circle, doing your part to make Ndejje University and the alumni network stronger. To help you start, here are some easy ways to get involved:

Stay Connected – Become a member of the Ndejje University Alumni Association. When you become a member, we are better able to serve you and keep you informed of the developments on Campus, news regarding your fellow alumni, upcoming special events and more.  Plus, members receive exclusive access to university resources and our suite of benefits and services, including a subscription to our yet to be an Award-winning Ndejje University Alumni magazine and Ndejje Post.

Be Informed - Join the Ndejje University Alumni Network; "Like" us on Face book; and return to campus often.  Stay informed and you'll make a wonderful ambassador for Ndejje University -within your future profession and to prospective students.

Remain Involved – Participation in Ndejje University Activities, attending alumni events, or traveling the world, you can join the thousands of alumni who work together to preserve the excellence of Ndejje University.

Interim Alumni Executive Board
The Interim Executive Board comprising of 12 members was elected;
Dr. Milly Kwagala was elected Chairperson  of the Board after garnering 30 votes against contenders Mathias Mugarura 10 and Okello Okuna 8 votes respectively as Tadeo Winyi went through un-opposed for the vice presidency as well as Michael Mubiru for the publicity office.

The office of the General Secretary was hotly contested with Annabella Oroma taking the seat with 24 votes while Andrew Orach collected 20 votes. Rose Matovu took charge of the treasury with 26 votes as opposed to Nicholas Byuma’s 16 votes.

Eight staff alumni from each Faculty were nominated to be representative on the Executive Board. These included Mathias Mugarura (Social Science), Isma Bagaga (Business and Management), Paul Tiboti (Engineering), Henry Baguma (Arts), Lilian Namuyana (Environment), Claire Tinkamanyire (Education), Fred Barungi (IT) and Sharon Komuhangi (Graduate School).

Again, we welcome you, congratulate you, and look forward to helping you maintain your relationship with Ndejje University.  To learn more about the Ndejje University Alumni Association and how we can help you achieve your life’s goals, please visit Ndejje University Website Alumni Portal. 

Thank you
Milly Kwagala Oidu (PhD.)
Chairperson of the Board