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Join a Team

It is easy to make athletics and physical fitness a regular part of the undergraduate experience at Ndejje. In fact, nearly 70 percent of our students are involved in some kind of athletics—and nearly everyone joins in cheering on their friends and classmates and showing Crimson pride. Whether a recreational novice or an accomplished varsity athlete, Ndejje students stay active, engaged, and healthy. Our facilities include indoor and outdoor tracks, strength and conditioning facilities, courses, courts and fields of all sorts.

Visit Ndejje Recreation for recreational, intramural, or club sports, or the Department of Sports for varsity information.

Recreational fitness

For a relaxed and independent fitness experience, we offer a variety of recreational facilities where you can practice, play, and participate on your own schedule. We provide equipment for solo exercise as well as group classes.

A sampling of fitness classes includes muscle conditioning, aerobics, and kickboxing.

Inter-hall sports

Students compete for fun in inter-hall sports. Teams are organized by DoS Office and the Halls. Students compete for a bull and a series of trophies.

In addition to regular team sports, inter-hall include fun special events, such as dances.

Inter-hall teams include netball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, etc.

Club sports

You are also welcome to join club sport. With less formality than varsity competitions, club sports are a great way to compete and meet new friends in a more relaxed, welcoming environment.

Club teams include woodball, rugby, soccer, table tennis, tae kwon do & karate, tennis, volleyball, and swimming.

Varsity sports

Ndejje is home to intercollegiate sports teams. Whether you play or support the team as a fan, you can take pride in participating in the tradition of Ndejje athletics.

Ndejje has:

  • Won national or AAUS championships
  • Won regional or EAUG championships and is current champion
  • Been represented in local and national leagues including the big league, university football, basketball leagues,
  • Been represented at international level including; Olympic Games, FISU events, IAAF events among others

Varsity teams include basketball, cross-country, woodball, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and rugby.