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Campus Programs

Supporting Your Student Experience

Ndejje offers a wealth of programs and services to support a diverse student body, advance individual interests and talents, build and strengthening community, and expand the breadth and depth of your experience.

The Dean of Student’s Office is responsible for all aspects of your stay at Ndejje, coordinating opportunities to meet with faculty as well as co-curricular and extracurricular programming. The office serves as an information and referral resource for the NDU community, supports Hall Life with co-curricular programs and events, and provides leadership development opportunities.

The Office for the sports department (OSD) at Ndejje supports your engagement in sports and integrates sports into University life. Through its programs and services, the OSD teaches and mentors, fosters student athleticism, connects you to accomplished sports coaches and persons, organizes workshops, and partners with local, national, and international bodies. By supporting your development as an athlete, the OSD works to enrich society and shape communities in which the sports are a vital part of life.

Ndejje Chaplaincy, representing Christianity, Ndejje University respects all traditions, and chaplains are available to meet and talk with you about spiritual concerns as well as ethical and personal matters.