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Residential Life

Living and Learning

The New Noah's Ark Gents HallNdejje’s housing combines vibrant intellectual engagement and rich cultural and social experience with a welcoming, inclusive community life.

Our Halls bring together people from all over the East African Region, and other parts of the African continent. Your roommate could be an ICT student from Rwanda, a future engineer from Kenya, or anyone in between. More than living spaces, campus residences are learning communities. Faculty and graduate students guide you through your curriculum, deans provide academic and personal advice, and tutors offer pre-professional advising and academic support.

Making friends is easy over meals shared in our cafeteria. Organized activities within your first year and other activities including sports, informal study breaks, and social gatherings continually broaden your circle of friendship and connection.

Life in the First year

As a first-year student at the main and lady Irene Campuses, you will be required live in a hall at the University. This comes with the benefit that you can easily access University resources such as wireless internet, an ample reading environment and the Library. Accommodation for students in the halls of residence is shared. Read more