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End of Semester II, AR's Communication

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians and Staff:

Very warm, Christian greetings from the University Management and office of the Academic Registrar, Ndejje University.

Today, May 27, 2016 marks the end of Semester II, of 2015/16 Academic year. On behalf of the University, we congratulate you upon the successful completion of the Semester; your financial and material support is highly appreciated. We pray that the Almighty God rewards you abundantly!

Please kindly do observe these very important days and events during the vacation and Semester I of Academic year 2016/2017.

  1. Semester I of 2016/2017 will commence for weekend programme on Saturday, 6th August 2016 and Monday 8th August 2016 for the day/evening programmes. Lectures will begin promptly and registration for all students will begin immediately.

    The students studying at the Main Campus, but residing in Halls of Residence, should report either on Saturday, 6/08/2016 OR Sunday, 7/08/2016.
  2. All students are required to have paid 100% before reporting for the Semester. In the unlikely event that a student fails to pay 100%, he/she must pay 60% or more at the beginning of the Semester. Please, take note, no lectures will be attended by students without the 60% payment at the beginning of the Semester. For the borders, no student will be allowed to access any services before payment of 60%.
  3. You are reminded that Dead Year/Semester should always be applied for within the first two (2) weeks after commencement of the Semester.
  4. A student is required to attend the minimum 75% of the fifteen (15) lecture weeks in a Semester to be eligible for examinations, then 2 weeks are for exams; and all course works must be done and handed in two (2) weeks before the Semester’s examinations.
  5. The students should adhere to the values of the University: please read the Ndejje University Norms and Regulations booklet.
  6. It is mandatory for all 2nd year students to do Internship/Fieldwork/School Practice during the June-July holiday; therefore, you are requested to search early for placement in organizations and register with the Coordinator’s office. You will also be required to pay a little extra fee; the amount depending on the set requirements of your Faculty for the exercise and make sure you are allocated a Supervisor, before you leave for holidays.
  7. All the continuing students are kindly requested to note also the few changes in the existing fees structure as a result of the inevitable inflationary tendencies in the economy. Below, are the “Approved changes in the fees structure of 2016/2017 Academic Year”, for your kind attention and action:

    a) Continuing Students Year 2, 3 and 4.
    Slight adjustments in the fees structure for the continuing students, shall be as follows:
    • Room and Board fee has been raised from Ug. Shs. 650,000/= to Ug. Shs. 800,000/= per Semester for the resident students only.
    • The University has established the Zee Versity System ; a cheap, fast internet system that will benefit both the Administration and Students in several aspects:
      • Recording the number of students per Faculty; hence reconciling with the Academic Registrar’s office, accounts and other Departments in real time;
      • Tracking fees payments and automatically reconcile with the banks;
      • Managing on-line students’ admission and registration;
      • Managing the Time table
      • Giving authentication to access services like lectures, exams, library and meals
      • Tracking all students’ results and processing Transcripts.

      A user charge fee of Ug. Shs. 20,000/= will be paid annually for the Smart Card by every student.

    b) Continuing Engineering students (i.e. Year 2, 3, and 4) Tuition fees only will be increased by 10% for Academic Year 2016/17.

    c) A fee of Ug. Shs. 200,000/= has been introduced for courses where students go for field trips within a radius of 40 kms. For trips beyond 40 kms., students will be notified accordingly when this warrants.
  8. All essential offices and services such as the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University Secretary, Academic Registrar, Deputy Academic Registrar, Dean of Students’ office, Faculty Deans, Accounts, Administrative Assistants, Professional Courses’ Coordinator, Library and a few others will remain functional during the vacation.
  9. This communication should be regarded to be both official and very important; please do disregard all other versions regarding changes in the University fees.

Should you have any inquiries, please ring telephones: 0392 730321 / 0752 730334 OR email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We wish you and your families a very fruitful vacation that will enable you to report back promptly on either Saturday, 6th , Sunday, 7th (Kampala Campus and Boarders at Main Campus) OR Monday 8th August, 2016 ready for the registration and lectures. Lectures will start promptly. Adios!

Yours sincerely,

(B. M. Sekabembe)
for and on behalf of Management