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Chancellor's Publications and Papers Presented

The Chancelor, Wife and Vice Chancelor

Steve Haggblade, Peter Hazell and Kisamba-Mugerwa, W (forth coming) Economic Implications of Small Farms in Sub-Saharan Africa
Kisamba-Mugerwa, W and John Pander and Kato (forthcoming) Impacts of Individualization of Land Tenure on Livestock and Rangeland in South-Western Uganda.

Kisamba-Mugerwa W (6 – 8 November 2006). Policies for Retooling NARS in the Developing World. Presented at the Expert Consultation on Agricultural Innovations: Linking Farmers to Market and APAARI General Assembly, Venue: National Agricultural Science Center (NASC), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India.

Kisamba-Mugerwa, W, and Terefe Ademetegne Lemma (July 2006). Communication Strategy on Biotechnology in Africa: The Policy and Regulatory Processes Development and Change, Institute of Social Studies. The Hague, Netherlands.

Kisamba-Mugerwa, W and Terefe Ademetegne Lemma (May 2006). Developing Contract Farming Systems in Uganda. Submitted to Inside Agriculture London, UK.

Kisamba-Mugerwa, W, and Etenesh Bekele (2006, February 15 -18). Social Science Perspective in Agricultural Research and Development for the new Millennium. Voluntary Action Research Development and Networking (VARDAN), International Food Policy Research IFPRI), Washington D.C., USA and the Indian Society of Extension Education (ISEE) held an International Conference on at New Delhi, India.

Kisamba-Mugerwa W Policies of Retooling NARS in Developing Countries published in the Linking Farmers to Markets APAARI 6 -7 November 2006 NASC India Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India.

Kisamba Mugerwa, W. Institutional dimensions of Land Tenure Reform: in Holger Bernt Hansen and Michael Twaddle. (Ed) Changing Uganda (pp.311-321), 1991, James Curry London.

Kisamba Mugerwa, W. Range land Tenure and Resource Management: An Overview of Pastoralism in Uganda. Makerere Institute of Social Research, 1991 Kisamba Mugerwa W. Poverty and Poverty Alleviation Programmes: The Experience of Uganda, Makerere Institute of Social Research, 1992.

Kisamba Mugerwa,W. Tenure Security, Credit Use, and Farm Investment in the Rujumbura-Pilot Land Registration Scheme, Rukungiri District, Uganda, LTC, University of Wisconsin - Madison, March 1993.

Kisamba Mugerwa, W. A Background Conceptual Framework to Rangeland Tenure Resource Management in Uganda, Makerere Institute of Social Research, October 1993.

Kisamba Mugerwa, W. Individualization of Communal Grazing Land in Uganda: An Overview of Busongora Land of Kasese District. Common Property Resources Management in East Africa) (pp.62-73) (ed) Clark Gibson, Abwoli Y. Banana and John Ntambirweki. NRM Publications, Kampala, Uganda, 1998