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June 24, 2019
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August 13, 2019

SIUE partnership grows

The second batch of students from Southern Illinois University, Edwards Vile (SIUE) has arrived in the country as a follow-up of the exchange programme established last year with Ndejje University. The partnership entails field practice learning in the area of language pathology and audiology.

The SIUE delegation includes Public Health and Speech pathologist Dr. Kathryn Brady with five students – Jenna Marie Bivens, Anne Maria Ogent, Talyr Rai Nokes, Kristin Marie Willenbrock and Sarah Mackenzie Baer. The international study visit at Ndejje University will however last four weeks while working with rural communities

The first group of six kick started the exchange programme last year aimed at equipping students with scientific background to understanding communication disorders, acquire knowledge in speech and language “The students l work alongside Ndejje University staff and students from the Social Science faculty on on-going community outreach programs. The program is meant to help students acquire practice knowledge, skills, professional behavior and attitudes while working on real life. “It also prepares them with competences to participate fully in the work sector and sustainability development activities on their own,” explained Dr. Saida Mbooge Najjuma, Faculty Dean of Social Sciences.

The collaboration is expected to benefit Uganda communities and also add value to graduates who face challenges in working with speech impaired people especially in rural areas. The international students will also have the opportunity to apply classroom learning in the field setting where they are expected to collect data, carry out problem assessment, decide on courses of action, make evaluation among other factors, in writing the reports Ndejje University attaches great importance to partnerships, research, innovations and values.

The partnership comes at the time when Ndejje University rolled off the Faculty of Health Sciences due to start August 2019 and future plans to discuss with SIUE the possibility of developing grants in the area of public health. Speech language pathology and audiology has an established strong science and liberal arts background that provides students with competitive edge on the job market. The certified  speech language pathologists and audiologists are on high demand worldwide. They are employed in hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, media, judiciary, government agencies and private sector.

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