Rottenburg Varsity donates 12m/- water equipment
September 2, 2019
Four off to China for Table Tennis
September 17, 2019

Ndejje University is the best private Christian founded institution out sourced by the President of Marymount Global STEM Chapter to collaborate in STEM projects in Ugandan higher institutions of learning.

STEM is an acronym for Science , Technology , Engineering and Mathematics meant to aid pre-service teachers utilize the local environment to create classroom materials, engage in community connect with members in the community , do viable projects that can be shared with Professors and students in universities overseas, beginning with Marymount University and embrace Project Based Learning to acquire relevant knowledge about the world.

With effect from September we are going to begin on a project on designing a mosquito model , dealing with speech defects among children specifically; Stammering to be spearheaded by first year students of these faculties; Education, Social Science and Agriculture . Supervised by lecturers on ground and monitored by Professor Usha Rajdev ( the adviser and Faculty of Marymount University Global STEM) .



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