Domestic Violence Against Men and Family Welfare: A Case of Kalisizo Town Council

The study investigated domestic violence against men and the family welfare. Specific objectives included;
analysing forms of domestic violence against men,
Assessing the effects of domestic violence against men on family welfare
And suggesting ways to reduce domestic violence against men.
Existing literature suggests the underlying reason for men being battered are patriarchal society and failure to recognise domestic violence as a problem for both the male and female thus keeping domestic violence against the male invisible.
A cross-sectional survey design was used to collect data. The findings show that 55% respondents indicated psychological torture as the most common form of abuse of men since it was difficult for men to present evidence of the violence and the timid nature of the women who preferred using psychological violence over physical violence.
A total of 43.4% indicated alcoholism; 31% indicated hooliganism,16% indicated poverty, and 9% indicated illiteracy as common characteristics in families experiencing domestic violence.
Majority of the families having domestic abuse against men are characterized by alcoholism especially by men who use it to escape from the reality of unpleasant and stressful situations.
A total of 31% had witnessed or experienced the most common cause of domestic violence against men to be extra marital relationships, 21% witnessed or experienced financial disagreements while 17%,15%,11% and 5% witnessed or experienced family negligence, poverty, women emancipation and third-party interference respectively.
It was concluded that men experience psychological violence, as well as sexual, physical and economic domestic violence. Psychological abuse happens as denial for sex by their partners, economical abuse happens as control of expenditure by women. Men need support from the community and authorities to help deal with domestic violence. It was recommended that; the perpetrators and victims of domestic violence should counselling services in time before rushing into dubious decisions which may cost their lives or of their people and put the welfare of their families in a mess.
The community members should change their stereotyping about male victims and instead encourage people to realize that domestic abuse towards men is a problem which needs attention.