Sports Science & Physical Education

Welcome to the Sports Science & Physical Education department.

At the end of your undergraduate study regardless of your commencement level, whether at certificate or Bachelors level, you will not know the entire embodiment to Sports and Exercise Sciences, and Physical Education. We hope you will know enough about Sports and Exercise Sciences and therefore enough about Science to feel that the part you do not know is understandable, not mysterious.

Perhaps you will appreciate the great power of scientific methods and appreciate their limitations. We hope that you will have practiced in making unexpected observation, in weighing facts, and in framing valid conclusions.

We hope that you will have formed the habit of questioning and of seeking understanding rather than being satisfied with blind acceptance of dogmatic assertions. We expect that you will share in the excitement of science and that you will feel the rich pleasure that comes with discovery. If most of these hopes are fulfilled, then you have had an optimum introduction to science through Sports and Exercise Sciences, and Physical Education. We look forward to receiving you at the Department.

Head of Department