Faculty Of Environment & Agricultural Sciences

Environment and Agricultural Sciences is where global challenges are met with innovative solutions. Every day, world-class research is conducted by the finest minds.

While we are one of the most dynamic faculties on campus, our cross disciplinary approach, and commitment to excellence, positions us uniquely to provide solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

The world around us is changing: there is growing awareness of the state of the environment, and there is growing concern due to the over-exploitation of natural resources by mankind. Together with this concern, reduction of water and food resources together with a steady rise in population size is progressively leading many parts of the world into a state of hunger.

This “new world” has led the Faculty of Environment and Agricultural Sciences to realize its modified role and responsibility before the world. According to this new vision we are committed to a responsible role in preserving the environment for future generations, and while doing so, to continuously search for ways to increase sustainable food and water resources.