Research funding at NDU comes in two categories:

  • The University Research Fund—this consists of resources that are a result of an annual internal budget for research
  • External Funds—this shall consist of resources obtained from other entities other than the University for purposes of research

The University manages a competitive research fund that is accessible to staff in different faculties. Proposals are submitted to the research directorate, which are then vetted and the best idea/s is considered for funding.
It is expected that staff who get University funding will go on to source and get bigger research grants to carry out further research on a larger scale than the modest fund NDU can provide, at the moment. It is further expected that members of staff/faculty who are funded will publish their work in peer-reviewed, professional national, regional and international journals.

Staff members are free to develop their own proposals and submit them to donors for funding with guidance and supervision of the research directorate.