Public Lecture

This is an avenue through which researchers are given chance to present to the public their research works. This is conducted at an interval which varies depending on the readiness of the researchers. During presentations two or three research papers are presented at each event, the audience is also given chance to interact with the presenters/researchers to make contributions.

Interested persons from the public, academic institutions, students, and Ndejje University staff are usually invited to be part of the audience. These form the congregation of our public lectures, usually organized at the Ndejje University premisses Kampala.

Topic : Modelling HIV_TB Co-Infection Dynamics in the Presence of Immunosenescence and Treatment.
Author (s) : Joseph Ssebuliba (PhD). (2012). [Lecturer, Faculty of Business Administration and Management, Ndejje University]
Topic : Budgeting as a Financial Management Tool for Strategic University Performance.
Author (s) : Mr. Paul M Kayongo (2014). [University Bursar, Ndejje University,]
Topic : Agricultural Development and Improved Livelihoods of the Rural Populace:
Author (s) : Rita, Makumbi, Oala (PhD).(2012). [Director, Graduate School, and Lecturer, Faculty of Business Administration and Management. Ndejje University.]
Shrivastav Kumar, [TIU ,Missouri, USA.]
Mr. Desai Singh, [Mahdya Pradesh State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank.]
Dr.MillyOiduKwagala, [Faculty of Business Administration and Management. Ndejje University (2013).]Contact person: Dr. Rita Makumbi. []