Topic: Sexual Harassment of the School-going Adolescent: Focusing on Luwero District, Uganda. (2015). A Revised Study Report. “All we want is peace to come and go about our business.” Said a girl in a Focus Group Discussion. Key words: sexual harassment, adolescent, school-going

There are few studies on sexual harassment (s h) of children in Uganda. This study focused on s h among school-going adolescents, its effect, how adolescents cope, what schools are doing about it. Ministry of Education and district officials were key informants, 25 School authorities and 280 pupils filled questionnaires. Some participated in FGDs.
Qualitative data was analysed by themes. Quantitative data was analysed using descriptive statistics and chi- square for comparison between groups. Comparison by gender, age, type of school, and harasser behaviour yielded significant relationships at X 2 p< 0.05.
Sixty-one percent of adolescents know what s h is, 38% don’t. Consequences of s h include pregnancy, abortion, dropping out of school, and contracting the HIV. Sexual harassment happens in the home, neighbourhoods, and at school.
Majority of adolescents are disturbed by s h although 6.1% confirm what has been found elsewhere that s h can feel flattering at the time. Adults and adolescents engage in s h but peer s h is very common. Adolescents are lured by money and gifts but others are threatened by death or injury.
They report s h to get help, counsel, or self-protection. Sexual harassment affects school performance and corrupts adolescents’ behaviour. Some schools prevent s h but many do not. It is recommended that schools and the Ministry should take major steps to prevent s h in the school and punish those who engage in it.
The government and local leaders should actively sensitise the general population against s h of children.
The Ministry of Education and Sports and the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda have paid attention to sexual harassment in the schools in the last three years since this report.
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