Victor Kiplangat wins Uganda first Gold Medal in Commonwealth Games 2022 marathon

Victor Kiplangat 2:10:55

Victor Kiplangat became the first man from Uganda to win the Commonwealth Games marathon on Saturday morning (30) after he dominated the race to win the title in a time of 2:10:55 with incredible reception at Birmingham 2022

The 22-year-old went the wrong way late in the race, but his lead was so big, that his victory wasn’t compromised as he was able to follow the directions of a very attentive official and get back on the course. Alphonce Felix Simbu of Tanzania finished second with a time of 2:12:29 with the bronze medal going to Michael Mugo Githae of Kenya who ran 2:13:16

After 30km, Kiplangat led with a split of 1:32:45 with Simbu right there with him at 1:32:46. However, just when you thought it was going to be a two men’s close encounter, Kiplangat injected another big and decisive surge in the race pace to open up a gap between himself and Simbu to take complete control of the contest as he moved past the 35km at 1:47:09 with a lead of 0.18 seconds over his Tanzanian rival.

The race was never close afterward as the Ugandan runner went on to dominate –building a lead of well over two minutes after 40km..

Rank CGA Name Time
1 CGA codeUGA Victor KIPLANGAT 2:10:55
2 CGA codeTAN Alphonce Felix SIMBU 2:12:29
3 CGA codeKEN Michael Mugo GITHAE 2:13:16
4 CGA codeAUS Liam ADAMS 2:13:23 SB
5 CGA codeKEN Jonathan Kipleting KORIR 2:14:06
6 CGA codeENG Jonathan MELLOR 2:15:31
7 CGA codeAUS Andrew BUCHANAN 2:15:40
8 CGA codeTAN Hamisi Athumani MISAI 2:15:59 PB
9 CGA codeNIR Kevin SEAWARD 2:16:54
10 CGA codeNIR Stephen SCULLION 2:17:51
11 CGA codeWAL Dewi GRIFFITHS 2:17:58 SB
12 CGA codeIND Nitendra Singh RAWAT 2:19:22
13 CGA codeNAM Tomas Hilifa RAINHOLD 2:24:30
14 CGA codeIOM Oliver LOCKLEY 2:25:52 SB
15 CGA codeLES Lebenya NKOKA 2:32:52 SB
16 CGA codeGIB Arnold ROGERS 2:37:11
17 CGA codeLES Tsepo MATHIBELLE 2:38:52 SB
18 CGA codeSOL Martin FAENI 2:40:23
DNS CGA codeKEN Erick Kiplagat SANG

Event Countdown!!!

17th December 2022 -20th December 2022

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