Topic: Management Control Systems and the Perfomance of Savings and Credit Co-operatives in Uganda: The Case of Selected Savings and Credit Co-operatives in Wakiso District. (2016).

Key words:
Management control systems, savings, credit, co-operatives, performance
The study investigated the influence of Management Control systems on performance of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) in Wakiso District focusing on: participatory budgeting, the budgeting process on profitability performance, work rules and procedures and service quality respectively on customer satisfaction.
A correlational cross-sectional survey design was used. Quantitative and quantitative approaches were employed using questionnaires, interviews and documentary analysis to collect data from members of 10 SACCOs, board of directors, audit committee, and staff.
The study revealed that; management Control Systems are statistically significant influential factors of performance of the SACCOs, participatory budgeting significantly influence customer satisfaction; budgeting process influence profitability performance; service quality significantly influence performance of SACCOs, work rules and procedures do not influence customer satisfaction and performance of SACCOs. The study concluded that both financial and non- financial management control systems collectively influence performance of SACCOs.
It is recommended that; SACCOs should emphasise participatory budgeting as it provides collective mechanisms to own institutional actions and give shared responsibilities and authority to everyone. Financial and non-financial management controls should be emphasized as they influence performance of SACCOs.
Measures should be put in place to ensure that budgets are negotiated with staff and members of the board, because this motivates them to implement budgets they had a hand preparing. Members should ensure that they patronise their SACCOs as owners and customers.

Contact: Dr Henry Buwule Musoke.