Graduate School

The Graduate School offers a number of degrees that are housed within 5 faculties to include Agriculture Sciences, Information technology, Social Sciences, Business Administration and management to Education management. You have the opportunity to conduct focused and meaningful research in one or more exciting fields, enabling you to make a difference to your community and career.

A graduate degree provides you with a platform for further research or can catalyse one’s career focus. The Graduate School is a recognized leader in developing empirical research led concepts and best practices for graduate education, which makes Ndejje University the premier location to earn your graduate degree.

Through our work with education organizations at the national, regional and international levels, we take the lead in forging the future directions of graduate education. This will enhance your generic skills and advanced specialist knowledge to give you a boost in a competitive job market.

Most of all, we stand to support you in all your academic endeavors to create a learning environment where you can soar, and to maintain a set of standards that guarantee the value of your degree from NDU.